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What is “Health”?

Let food by thy medicine and let thy medicine be food!

The word ‘health’ was derived from the old English word ‘hoelth’, which meant a state of being sound, and was generally used to infer a soundness of the body. Prior to the period of the somewhat enigmatic physician known as Hippocrates (c 460-377 BCE, or more appropriately, from around 5 BCE), health was perceived as a divine gift. Hippocrates was credited with pioneering the move away from divine notions of health, and using observation as a basis for acquiring health knowledge. He was credited with encouraging a focus on environmental sanitation, personal hygiene and, in particular, balanced diets – “let food be thy medicine; and let thy medicine be food”.

Nowadays though the most commonly quoted definition of health is that formalised by the World Health Organization (WHO) over half a century ago;

“A complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” (Infirmity meaning weakness).

We interpret the above statement that describes health to be when your body is physically, mentally, and emotionally sound and just because your body is not showing any signs of disease or infirmity or you are not feeling ill, it doesnt necessarily mean you are healthy.

Some people...and you may be one reading this right now, judge how you are feeling as an indication to your own health.  If you are..!  Don’t worry .....You’re not alone!

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