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What puts the Ache in Headache?

Headaches can vary in severity from an intermittent mildly annoying irritation to a life stopping constant sharp pain in the head.  Headaches do not restrict themselves to just adults, you can not be too young to get a headache.

The reason that chiropractic has been a revelation to millions of headache sufferers may well be that most headache sufferers appear to have tiny distortions or misalignments in the spine.  These misalignments put pressure on the bodies nervous system.  your chiropractor will give you a safe, gentle spinal adjustment to correct the misalignment to remove the nerve pressure and spinal distortions.

The majority of headache sufferers around the world may have taken pain killing tablets or some other drug which only treat the symptom.  The drugs do not necessarily get to the real reason the problem arose in the first place, in some way or other these drugs inhibit or stop the body’s own natural defence mechanism, the perception or feeling of pain. 

A team of surgeons may have found one of the answers as to why chiropractic works so well.  they discovered a small neck muscle that connects to brain membranes.  when the neck is out of alignment, this muscle can actually pull on the brain!  As the lead surgeon writes: “An increasing body of literature relates headaches to pathology affecting the cervical spine and number of clinical trials have demonstrated that chiropractic is valuable for managing headache” (1)


(1) Hack GD.  The anatomic basis for the effectiveness of chiropractic spinal manipulation in treating headache. abstracts from the 15th annual upper cervical spine conference Nov. 21-22, 1998. CRJ. 1999;VI(1)