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What it is we offer

We provide care and support by reducing pain and disability and by restoring normal function to people with neuro-musculoskeletal disorders we promote health and wellbeing by offering three types of care plans: -

Intensive Care –
Our intensive care plan is generally our first step for any patient in their journey into chiropractic. It is sometimes referred to as a pain relief programme and can vary according to specific cases.  The objective of this care programme is to reduce pain and improve mobility.

Reconstructive Care –
Like orthodontics for teeth is designed to help restore proper position and motion of spinal bones.  Our reconstructive or rehabilitation care plan follows our intensive care plan and is for patients not wanting to just relieve the symptoms but wanting to correct the underlying problem. The purpose of our Rehabilitation is to improve spines and posture to as near normal as possible to improve overall function and health.

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Wellness Care –
Are for members that want to maintain their improvements.  Our patients on wellness care have learned that regular check ups can eliminate problems before they arise and infact may build upon results already attained.  You could liken it to going for regular check ups with your dentist to avoid tooth decay.

That’s what we offer… but How Can We Help You?